Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Central Corridor Update - Fall/Winter 2012

 2013 Lean and Green

Sunday, December 9, 2012

CitySt.Paul_Pension Parisites FireSupervisors

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        Sharons Disclaimer: CitySt.Paul,County of Ramsey has reduced Sharon to Poverty
to Pay these Salarys. St.Paul is over the Cliff.
    Vote Sharon4Seniors 2014

About this project

The Pioneer Press is publishing an on-going series of articles that examine issues surrounding the financial health of Minnesota s public employee pensions, which cover more than 450,000 current and retired workers and pays out more than $3 billion in benefits each year. Across the country, public pensions suffered huge investment losses during the Great Recession, and nearly every state -- including Minnesota -- has passed legislative reforms to strengthen public pension funds. This series sets out to answer what has happened in the wake of the state s reforms and whether there are lingering problems that need to be fixed. Reporters inovlved: MaryJo Webster
@mndatamine Mara H. Gottfried
@MaraGottfried Christopher Magan
@cmaganPiPress Newswire

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